The SeaTraceR AIS B Transponder from SevenStar was one of the first to be designed following the release of the IEC- 62287-1 specification. It utilises the most sophisticated digital signal processing and software algorithms to implement the required CS-TDMA transmitter and receiver functions. Robust and resilient to the stresses of life at sea, the SeaTraceR is housed in an IP-65 rated aluminium enclosure with matching and versatile mounting hardware, all of which is protected with a sea-water resistant coating under a heavy-duty powder-coat external finish.

Combined with a chart plotter or AIS-enabled radar set, it takes their performance into the next generation - once you've seen it in action, you won't believe you could have sailed without it!

These units are ideal for use on bouys, marine farms and other marine us for details.

Another feature of this units is "silent mode", you can continue to receive without transmitting; so you don't have to tell the world your favourate fishing spots!

  • Dimensions 180 x 110 x 40 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight 900g
  • Power DC (9.6-15.6V)
  • Average power consumption 4W
  • Peak current rating 2A
  • Internal GPS Receiver IEC 61108-1 compliant
  • Electrical Interfaces RS232 38.4kBaud bi-directional
  • RS422 NMEA 38.4kBaud bi-directional
  • Connectors VHF Antenna connector - TNC 50 ohm coaxial - on rear panel
  • GPS Antenna connector - TNC 50 ohm coaxial - on rear panel
  • RS232 serial/RS422 NMEA serial/silent mode - 9-way sub-D male
  • Connector (PC serial connector) - on rear panel
  • +12Vdc (nom) Power - Integral 1 metre twin core lead, red/brown
  • +ve. ***In-line fuse strongly recommended***
  • VHF Transceiver Transmitter - single channel
  • 2 Independent, simultaneous VHF Receivers (One of which is
  • time shared between AIS and DSC)
  • Frequency: 156.025 to 162.025 MHz in 25 kHz steps
  • Output Power +33dBm ± 1.5 dB (2 watts nominal)
  • Channel Bandwidth 25kHz
  • Channel Step 25kHz
  • Modulation Modes 25kHz GMSK (AIS, TX and RX)
  • 25kHz AFSK (DSC, RX only)
  • Bit rate 9600 b/s ± 50 ppm (GMSK)
  • 1200 b/s ± 30 ppm (FSK)
  • RX Sensitivity Sensitivity - 107dBm 25kHz (Message Error Rate 20%)
  • Co-Channel 10dB
  • Adjacent Channel 70dB
  • IMD 65dB
  • Blocking 84dB
  • Environmental IEC 60945
  • Operating Temperature: -25ºC to +55ºC
  • IEC 62287, Section 5, Cat b) protected from the weather
  • Compass safe distance 0.5 metre
  • Indicators Status, TX timeout, Error, Rx Data.
  • Operator options
    • a) 'Silent mode',
    • b) Optional safety related message (SRM),
    • c) Blue LED function,
    • d) Baud rate,
    • e) Error & GPS report rates

Requires VHF and GPS antenna - See

Seatracer Class B AIS Transponder.

  • Brand: SevenStar
  • Product Code: SV287AISTRANSPONDER
  • Availability: In Stock

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