The FRANCIS FR range of searchlights
incorporate the design features required to successfully
operate searchlights in the most demanding product
operating environments on land and sea.
These units are particularly suitable for smaller boats,
fishing vessels, police launches, coast guard vessels,
larger leisure craft and certain military vehicles.

• All brass construction.
• Parabolic glass reflector.
• Stove enamel painted.
• External lamp focus adjustment.
• Toughened front glass.
• Captive bezel / glass.
• Light shield to prevent unwanted glare & stray light.
• Tungsten Halogen lamps.
• Enclosure protection to IP 56.
• Special “B” & “C” dimensions available on request.
• Full 450° rotation.
• Vertical movement +45° to - 25°.

Lamp Options

12v 2000 hrs, Range 972 metres, 100Watts,  Lamp GX6.35 D9848
24v 300 hrs, Range 1055 metres, 150watts,  Lamp GX6.35 D14795
24v 2000 hrs, Range 1238 metres, 250 Watts,  Lamp GX6.35 D4695
24v 300 hrs, Range 1490 metres,  250 Watts,  Lamp GX6.35 D9851
230v 750 hrs, Range 905 metres, 650 Watts,  Lamp GX9.5 D1813
115v 750 hrs, Range 1000 metres,  1000 Watts,  Lamp GX9.5 D1809
230v 750 hrs, Range 970 metres,  1000 Watts, Lamp GX9.5 D6715


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Francis FR300 Deck mount searchlight

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