The AX3-850 is a marine stabilised tracking antenna for TVRO (TV Receive only) Satellite dish.

The AX3-850 is an 85cm, 3 axis antenna system designed for commerial or high end recreational operation in all sea states. The system is setup for use on NZ targeted satellite OPTUS D1 and suitable for driving a large number of set top boxed for distribution.

The system features:

Fully Automated System
Auto skew control system /Automatic satellite search and identification

High Quality Antenna
SamyungTV antenna is in the form of a parabola to suite extreme marine environment conditions
and to offer the best quality satellite television while in motion

Unsurpassed Dynamic Tracking
SamyungTV’s unique tracking algorithm can track satellite signal even in the most extreme conditions,
such as heavy storms which creates high waves

Easy Installation and Guaranteed Reliability
Guaranteed reliability through the implementation of modularized design and the usage of strictly proven components

Power Supply: AC 100~240 Volts

Elevation Range: -20 ~ +55

Tracking Speed: 90deg/Sec







Samyung 85cm Satellite TV Antenna

  • Brand: Samyung
  • Product Code: SGST-85
  • Availability: Pre-Order