• SAAB R4 Class A AIS

The mariner’s preferred choice!

AIS products from SAAB are specifically designed to support the mariner in mission-critical decision
making. The R4 Class A transponder will satisfy all carriage requirements, but more importantly it will
provide better situation awareness to the offi cer on watch. In the smaller vessel, the unique simplicity
and versatility of the man-machine interface will allow the operator to carry out all important tasks
required to operate the AIS system, using the multipurpose display unit only. In the integrated bridge
system, the R4 will feed reliable data to virtually any electronic chart system and/or radar, and thus vastly
improve the quality of the information presented. Predefi ned safety-related text messages will assist
in quickly notifying other ships and VTS stations in distress situations. Furthermore, the R4 vessel
transponder offers unprecedented VHF radio coverage, thus allowing the mariner to see further ahead.
Users of SAAB AIS products have been providing us with feedback for years. This feedback is constantly
used to further enhance our world-leading solutions.


GPS Receiver (AIS internal)
Receiver 12ch (Ready for DGPS)
Frequency L1(1575.42 MHz)
Update rate: 1Hz
Position accuracy (SA off)
Position <1 m DGPS (CEP)
Position <16 m GPS (CEP)
Electrical Interfaces
8 data ports RS422
Port Default speed (bps)1
Pilot In/Out 38400
ECDIS In/Out 38400
Long Range In/Out 9600
Sensor 1 In 4800
Sensor 2 In 4800
Sensor 3 In 4800
Aux In 9600
Display In/Out 57600

Transponder data port: 50 pin D-sub (M)
Transponder power: 9 pin D-sub (M)
GPS antenna connector TNC female (50 Ohm)
VHF antenna connector BNC female (50 ohm)
Display data port: 18 pole Conxall Maxi-Con-X
Display power: 3-pole Mini-Con-X
Power and data interfaces to be connected on rail terminals or in junction box

Cables (recommended)
Antenna, VHF and GPS RG214/U
For sensors e.g. Gyro RFE-HFI 2x2x0.75 mm2
Transponder to Display RFE-HFI 4x2x0.75 mm2
Power cables Transponder and display LKM-HF 3x2.5 mm2

VHF Transceiver
Frequency 156–163MHz
Output power 2/12.5W (±1,5dB)
Channel bandwidth 25/12.5kHz
Channel step 12,5kHz
Bit rate 9600bps
Intervals between
position reports 1–180s
Modulation FM-GMSK/GFSK
Transmitter 1
Receivers 3
DSP Based Transceiver Sensitivity < -107dBm

Size WxHxL 144x85x226 mm, Weight: 2.3 kg


Size WxHxL 102x207x270 mm, Weight: 1.1 kg


Input 24V DC (230/110 vac with converter)

Power consumption

Transponder 15W (50W peak)
Display 7.5W

EnvironmentalProtected environment (IEC 60945)
Operating temperature : -15°C to +55°C
Compliant with the following Standards
IMO Performance Standard for AIS (MSC 74(69) Annex 3)
ITU-R M. 1371-1
IEC 61993-2 (Standard for Class A mobiles)
IEC 61162-1/2 Edition 2 (NMEA 0183, Version 3.0)
IEC 60945 (ed 4)
IALA Technical clarifi cations on ITU R M.1371-1
IALA Guidelines on AIS
Type approvals
CE Approval






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