• Hondex PS-7 Portable Depth Sounder.

Hondex PS-7 Portable Depth Sounder

These unique portable sounders contains a dry cell and a transducer inside. It is used for marine diving, fishing on the small boat or Kayaks
for measurement of water depth with 50m waterproof and high impact materials.

Easy Operation
Distance can be measured by pointing the sensor toward the object and sliding the power switch only.  Auto power off function turns off the power automatically about 10 seconds after you release the power switch.
Display Backlight
During sliding the switch on, the display is lit up by built-in light. So you can operate the unit in the night time.

Display:  LCD 7 Segment.
Backlight:  LED.
Operating Frequency:  200Khz.
Beam Angle:  24Deg.
Depth Scale:  0.6 ~ 80 Metres.
Waterproof:  to 50 Metres Depth.
Operating Voltage:  9 Volts.
Battery Type:  Dry Cell 006P.
Battery Life:  Approx 500 Activations.
Weight:  300g
Dimensions:  42mm Diameter x 198 Long.


Hondex PS-7 Portable Depth Sounder.