IC-M23 Float’n flash* VHF Radio.
With its innovative flashing red LED light, an overboard IC-M23 is easy to find, day or night.
The light flashes even if the radio is turned off. * US patent pending.
Smallest and lightest in the world. As a buoyant VHF marine transceiver, the
IC-M23 has the smallest and lightest body in the world.* * As of February, 2011, researched by Icom.
Energy-saving 3.7V circuitry* The IC-M23 is powered by the 3.7V Lithium-Ion
battery pack, BP-266, to reduce the capacity and weight of the radio. A newly developed PA
circuit provides 5W (approx.) RF output and powerful 600mW (typ.) audio even at this low
voltage, while saving battery consumption for 10 hours of operating time.*
* Typical operation with Tx (Hi): Rx: standby=5:5:90.
The large, easy to see LCD (32×16 mm) offers a clear 2 - digital channel number indication.
Built-in regulated charger circuitry Recharge the IC-M23 by plugging the wall charger directly in to the radio.

By eliminating exposed metal charging points, the IC-M23 is even more protected from water damage.
The volume loud/mute functions temporarily change the volume to the maximum/minimum
level with two touches of a button. Depending on the background noise level, you can
easily change the volume level to capture the received message.


Other features
• Waterproof construction equivalent to IPX7
(1m depth for 30 minutes)
• Dual/Tri-watch functions • Auto scan function
• One-touch access to Ch 16
• 4-step battery life indicator
• Tag scan and Favorite channel functions
• LCD and keypad back lighting
• AquaQuake™ draining function

General Specification:

Frequency range :
TX 156.000–161.450MHz
RX 156.000–163.425MHz
• Usable channel groups : INT, USA* channels;
70 programmable channels
(* Depending on version)
• Type of emission : 16K0G3E (FM)
• Current drain (at 3.7V DC) :
Tx High 2.3A
Rx AF max. 350mA typ.
Power save 8mA typ.
• Operating temp. range : –15°C to +55°C
• Antenna impedance : 50Ω (Stud)
• Dimensions (W×H×D) : 58.5×128.5×34.5 mm (projections not included)
• Weight (approx.) : 260g (With BP-266, FA-SC58V, MB-124)

• Output power (Hi/Low) : 5W/1W approx.
* German version 1W/0.5W typ.
• Max. frequency deviation : ±5.0kHz
• Frequency stability : ±1.5kHz
• Spurious emissions : 0.25μW
• Adjacent channel power : 70dB
• Audio harmonic distortion : Less than 10% (at 60% dev.)
• Residual modulation : 40dB

• Sensitivity (20dB SINAD) : –4dBμ emf typical
• Squelch sensitivity : –6dBμ emf typical (threshold)
• Adjacent Ch. selectivity : 70dB
• Spurious response : 70dB
• Intermodulation rejection : 68dB
• Hum and noise ratio : 40dB
• Audio output power : 200mW (at 10% distortion, 8Ω load)

Icom IC-M23 Marine VHF

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