Sperry VisionMaster FT 250 Radar. - Tabletop

10Kw, 4 Ft antenna, transciever aloft.
(Also available is sizes up to 25Kw X Band 8Ft and 30Kw S-Band 12 ft)

The new, fully type approved integrated tabletop version with
radar, chart radar and ECDIS provides all the standard features
and capabilities which have made the VisionMaster FT family so
successful. The FT 250 Tabletop uses a compact, integrated
processor that is compatible with all available system configurations.


Transmitter Characteristics

Magnetron Nominal Peak Power 10kW, (Typical 12.5kW)

Magnetron Frequency 9410MHz

Pulse Length/PRF
0.05µs/1760Hz Nominal
0.25µs/1760Hz Nominal
0.75µs/785Hz Nominal
Pulse Generator

Solid State with pulse forming network driving a magnetron.

Receiver Characteristics
Low noise front end
Automatic or manual Tuning
IF centred at 60MHz
IF bandwidth 20MHz (Short pulse) nom
IF bandwidth 20MHz (Medium pulse) nom
IF bandwidth 3MHz (Long pulse) nom
Noise factor 5dB nominal


Transceiver Power Supplies

Nominal Input

AC 92V to 276V RMS at 47-64Hz or
DC 21.6V to 32V (10kW only)

10kW TxRx
Standard Speed 210W
High Speed 330W
Note: All power consumption figures assume maximum antenna size in 100
knot wind.

Antenna Characteristics
Antenna Apature Length 4 ft. (1.2m)
Horizontal beamwidth 2° 
Vertical beamwidth 24°
Sidelobes within 10° (min) -23dB
Sidelobes outside 10° (min) -30dB
Gain (nominal) 29dB
Polarization Horizontal
Nominal Rotation Rate 28/45rpm
Limiting relative wind speed 100 knots

Environmental Specifications
The unit meets in full or exceeds the requirements of IEC60945.
Russian Register of Shipping Requirements
Minimum Operating temperature -40 Deg.C.



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Sperry VisionMaster Radar

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